If you're thinking of showing your photos in style, Foto theme is the way to do it. It's absolutely amazing.

All post types

No matter what content you post, with our themes it always looks awesome. Theme supports all post types so you can use it to run all kinds of blogs.

Color schemes

With our customization features you can change almost every element of the theme, including colors of text, links, overlays, and the accent color.

Content focused

It’s your content that’s important. Wether it’s a photo, a link, a quote or a plain text post. We want your users to focus on your content. Isn’t that nice of us?


Don’t know HTML or CSS? You don’t need to. You can totally change the style of your theme without ever writing a single line of code. You wont believe how easy it is.

Disqus comments

Engage your vistors. Let them comment on your work and photos. Flow theme fully supports Disqus commenting system. Just enter your Disqus shortname.

Google Analytics

We wish you thousands of engaged visitors. And we offer you a way to track them. Plug in Google Analytics with just simple click.


All our themes are fully responsive. We test them on iOS, Android and Windows Phone to make sure they are accessible for every single one of your visitors.

Social sharing

Let your visitors share your content on social media services of your choice. Easily spread the word about your awesome content.


Typography is something we spend the most time while working on a new theme. After hours of carefully choosing fonts and spacings we deliver the best quality.


No matter what kind of content you put in there. No matter what kind of photos you take. No matter what media you’re sharing. These will all look great in your theme.

Theme options

Full list of theme customization options abailable for Foto

  • Upload avatar
  • Upload logo
  • Choose accent color
  • Choose background color
  • Choose header title color
  • Choose header description color
  • Choose header link color
  • Choose header social link color
  • Choose dropdown background color
  • Choose dropdown text color
  • Choose button background color
  • Choose button text color
  • Choose button hover text color
  • Choose footer text color
  • Choose footer link color
  • Choose footer link hover color
  • Choose post excerpt color
  • Select icon color
  • Select content width
  • Format post excerpt - on / off
  • Show logo image - on / off
  • Only first photo from gallery - on / off
  • Show post options - on / off
  • Show reblog icon - on / off
  • Use relative dates - on / off
  • Infinite scroll - on / off
  • Select heading font
  • Select excerpt font
  • Select body text font
  • Specify space between posts
  • Disqus comments
  • Google Analytics

Bought it! Keep up the good work, love your themes!

— Sjoerd Reitsma